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The Reason Why So Many People are Joining Right Now! takes all the hassles away from transactions and makes it possible for you to send money to admins, members, newcomers, random members and upliners ‒ automatically. With our system, you don't have to spend hours and hours of sending all that money one by one or manually. 

In other words, no one will be left unpaid, thanks to the this newly developed Automated system. is a great way to earn money and the procedure behind it is purely transparent. This is why, this simple system of scripts work wonderfully, and you are rewarded with great return on investment within a short duration of time.

But, we believe that you know it by now, and that's why you're here in the first place.

So, what are you waiting for?

Key Points:
  • Downline Builder Plug in 5 of your referral links to other programs or websites for your AdBiz4u referrals to follow you into. 
  • You get a FREE Ad Pack. Each time a Ad Pack is purchased you earn a portion of the Revenue until that revshare reaches 200%. Master Mind algorithm speeds up revshare cycling up to 75% Faster and a free Ad Pack re-entry to cycle over and over again.
  • PIFY  Loan/Advance from your withdraw wallet for AdBiz4u team build ad programs. We ask that you use a portion of your ad credits to promote your AdBiz4u referral link and banners.



Founders First 100 Paid Members:        

  • Advantage of Two Free Ad Packs after payment.
  • Can request Double Ad Credits on new Ad Pack purchases and Re-Entries.
  • First in que for Member that has not recieved a payment to get a payment
  • First in que for Random payment to get a payment.
  • First to be contacted for "PIFY  Loan/Advance".

Here is How it All Works




You Send 0.0014 BTC to up to 7 BTC address. All with just 1 payment.



The First Two Members are Admins Who Create and Maintain Your Website. Then one Member is your uplines and another Member is a Random Partner or Members Who Joined Just Like You and last Member is the one who hadn't received any payment yet as we don't leave anyone empty handed.



Once The Members Receive Their BTC, Your Website is Created with Your Username, which Makes you eligible to earn from your downlines and random members.

See? It's that simple. You help others, and others help you. This is truly a People Helping People Program! In time; you will have made a significant amount of fortune for yourself and family.

#1. Admin #1 1HjprdXAAaGb8Dv1iTiqsSBgtZ5Q53m1Xw 0.000140 BTC
#2. Admin #2 1Gxx1u6iHTNv7QJtVmw3zuwm1xj6bjprZk 0.000140 BTC
#3. Random Member 0.000140 BTC
#4. Unpaid Member 0.000140 BTC
#5. Free Space - Save 0.001400 BTC!
#6. Free Space - Save 0.001400 BTC!
#7. Free Space - Save 0.001400 BTC!
#8. Free Space - Save 0.001400 BTC!
#9. Free Space - Save 0.001400 BTC!

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